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Domain Names

"Gee, I don't care for the lengthy URL Google provides for my site.  Can I use my own domain name?"

YES!   ->   my Google Site

You can associate your domain name with a Google Site so you have a personal URL.  To be specific it would be a sub-domain such as "www" so the address would be ""

  • Each Google Site can have up to 5 different external names
This is more complicated than other topics. But it's highly desirable, so it's worth the effort to setup for public websites.
  • While Google Sites is free to use, registering a domain name costs approximately $10 per year (+/- $5)
  • Setup requires that you complete multiple steps both at Google and with a separate Domain Registrar company of your choice.

Follow the instructions on the following pages to use your own domain name(s):
  • Get Domain - start here if you don't already have a domain name.  First check whether your desired domain name is available, and then obtain a domain name.
  • Connect Domain - steps for connecting your domain name to your Google site.
After the domain name is connected, also consider:
  • Search - Getting Found - things you can do to improve the ability for people to find your site using search engines.
  • Analytics Statistics - tools to view traffic statistics of visitors to your site(s).
Several WWW tools are configured in an interconnected manner to support these capabilities.  See a diagram and learn more about the tools on the WWW Tools page.

Subpages (2): Connect Domain Get Domain