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The format of text can be customized to give it special appearance.

The toolbar provides several methods:

Type Comments Examples
Bold, Italics, Underline Bold and italics are quite common. Underlining is used less since it can be confused with links. Bold, Italics, Underline
Colors both text and background Urgent        WARNING 
Size from 8pt to 24pt smaller = 8 point
bigger = 16 point
large = 24 point
Font  a limited choice of 6 fonts.  
Note, when configuring the site's theme, there are many (100+) fonts available.
Normal (Theme setting), Courier New, Georgia, Trebuchet, Veranda

Additional customization is available by directly editing the HTML.

Tip: Use Custom Formatting Sparingly

Custom formatting should be used to accentuate specific words or sentences.

It's unusual to apply custom formatting to the majority of text on a page.

Theme styles are the foundation

Ideally your site should establish standard styles using the Theme section.  
  • There are numerous 'canned' themes which you may use as provided, or you can further adjust individual adddtributes to develop a custom style that reflects your personal needs.  
  • Themes will be discussed later in the class.
By adhering to the standard document elements (Headings), pages will have similar formatting, and should you elect to alter the style of the site, altering the site's theme/styles settings will accomplish most the work (and perhaps a subsequent minor touch-up for odd-ball items).