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Google Sites Table Menu
Sites tools include a Table editing menu.

Table ->

This allows you to prepare standard tables, using basic features.


  • Format cell contents however you like:
    • Bullet lists
    • Headings
    • Images
    • Table in Table
    • etc.
  • Drag the edges of cells to change their sizes


The Google user interface does not support many advanced table options such as:
  • removing or changing the grid lines
  • shading cells
  • merging cells
  • setting minimum or maximum widths for columns
To implement advanced table capabilities you must edit the HTML.


Standard Google Table

 Grade Headcount Favorite Subject
 6 90 Social Studies
 7 95 Language Arts

Fancy Google Table

 Auto Pros Cons
  • Great Looks
  • Big trunk
  • High MPG


Advanced Tables

These tables are beyond the capabilities of the Google Sites tools.  Preparing them requires editing HTML.