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For both photos and videos it is easiest to work with files that are already available within your Google services Drive (your own file or shared with you), PicasaWeb Albums and YouTube.


Sites can use photos from 3 sources:
  • PicasaWeb Albums / Google+ Photos
  • Drive
  • Attached to Site Page

With 3 options, here are some considerations for making a choice:
  • PicasaWeb Albums it the preferred photo repository for personal photo management.  
    • If you're working with many of your own photos and also want slideshows this is a good choice.
    • When embedding these photos Google sends the right size image to the browser resulting in faster page loading.
    • Drawback - when editing the site, you only have access to your own photos/albums.  There's no easy way to use the Google Site tools to integrate a photo shared with you
  • Drive - using Drive to store photos for use in a Google Sites is effective when sharing files.
    • Both you and other people can place files into Drive, and so long as the images are shared with you, you can insert them into a web page.
    • Drawback - these images may load slower when a web page is accessed in a browser.  The entire file is sent to the browser (ever if it is far higher resolution than needed).
  • Attached to Site Page - this is effective when you have a limited number of photos, and don't already store them in a cloud-based repository.

Steps to Embed

All use a similar process for all:
  1. Use command:  Edit -> Insert -> ...
  2. Use the dialog box to select a photo
  3. Use the layout controls to position the object on the page.
  4. Finally, inserting images also prepares a link so that clicking on the image will take the visitor to the images source (into PicasaWeb, into Drive viewer, or viewing the attached image via its URL in the browser).  If you don't want the link, remove it.

PicasaWeb Albums

  • Use command:  Edit -> Insert -> Google -> Google+ -> Photo (or Photo Album for Slideshow)


  • Use command:  Edit -> Insert -> Google -> Drive -> Image 

Attached to Site Page

  • Use command:  Edit -> Insert -> Common -> Image 
  • Click 'Upload Images' and select the files on your computer.  It gets uploaded and attached to this page of the site.


Sites can easily embed videos from two sources:
  • Drive
  • YouTube

Steps to Embed

We start assuming the video are already loaded into Drive or YouTube, and that the file has suitable viewing permissions for your site audience.


  • Use command:  Edit -> Insert -> Google -> Drive -> Video
  • Use the dialog box to select from your videos, or enter a URL if the desired video does not appear.
  • In the next dialog, set the properties as desired (size, title, etc.)
  • Finally use the layout controls to position the object on the page.


  • Go to YouTube and get the URL for the video
  • Use command:  Edit -> Insert -> Google -> YouTube
  • Use the dialog box to enter the URL and set other properties (size, title, etc.) as desired.
  • Finally use the layout controls to position the object on the page
Examples are available on the Examples/Photo-Videos page