Subpage Listings

Subpage Listing

There are several ways to present subpages:
  1. Site Menu
    • Automatic menus will present all pages down to the level included.  The menu matches the site map.
    • Manual menus can be assembled as desired
      • can match the page map, or be different.
      • exclude pages if you want them hidden, etc.

  2. Insert a Subpage Listing object
    • See right
    • The subpage listing can be for the current page, or any other pages in the site and can be a multilevel listing.
    • To add this object use:  Edit page -> Insert -> Subpage listing 

  3. Listing at the bottom of the page
    • See below
    • Toggle this capability on/off using by visiting:  More actions -> Page settings 
Subpages (2): Dummy 1 Dummy 2