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Google Services

Google Accounts offer a wide range of cloud-based applications / services. Far more than just Gmail:

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Account-based – don’t need to use a gmail address; can use any email address

Sharing Permissions – share with specific Accounts, Google Groups, or public audiences 

Many services automatically synchronize with your Smartphone (Android, iOS…).

Consumer & business accounts

Consumer – the free (gmail) accounts familiar to most people

Google Apps – a business version which operates using a company’s domain name.  
  • Businesses pay $50/account/year.
  • FREE for education and nonprofits organizations.

Calendar Your own, and also share family calendars and subscribe to others
Drive Folders and files with a suite of editing applications: 
   - Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms 
Groups For group email, online forums and assigning permissions
Contacts Your contact list
Sites Website editing and hosting. This workshop! 
Blogger Blog hosting ( 
Google+ Social media
Hangouts Group chat, video calls and screen sharing from computer or mobile
PicasaWeb Albums Photo albums – also the photo area of Google+
Voice Phone number with multi-forwarding, voice mail, SMS, computer calling, and smartphone integration. Low cost international calling, free for local use.
 … and more