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Workshop:  Build a Website with Google Sites

This Workshop

January 21, 2015

Steve Raab

Workshop room: Los Altos

Handout Packet: 4 items (including this page)

Upon arrival, check that your laptop has wifi access to the internet. Sign into your Google account. Then put computers in 'sleep' mode.

Wifi: check the whiteboard for network names and passwords.

    • Created using Google Sites 
    • Demonstrate capabilities of Google Sites
    • Online reference information to access as you build and work on your site. 

Google Sites

Access Google Sites at:

    • A FREE cloud-based service
    • Google hosted websites with a browser-based website publishing tool
    • Provides a word-processor-like WYSIWYG editing environment

A Google Account is required to edit Google Sites.

    • An account can have multiple Google Sites.

Useful for:

    • Team Collaboration / Intranet sites
    • Personal websites
    • Personal private sites
    • Small Business websites
    • Club and organization websites