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Browser Test

Google states the browser requirements to run all Google Apps services, including Google Sites, on this webpage

If after reviewing Google's information you still aren't sure, then here are a couple tests you can run to determine if your computer/device and browser can create and edit Google Sites.
  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. Go to the Google Sites base page:
  3. Click the red  Create  button
  4. A new screen should appear
    1. In the 'Name your Site' field, enter "<Your Google Account>-test"   substitute you real account name for <Your Google Account>  For example if your email addresss is, your account is "bob". Append the suffix "-test" so you would enter "bob-test".
    2. Other fields can remain as the default values.
    3. Enter the Capcha value if required.
    4. Click the red  Create Site  button.
  5. If the create site process was successful, you will now be viewing the new site.
  6. These next steps verify you can edit the site.  
    1. On the top right there are 4 buttons, the left one is the 'Edit Page' button (the icon is a pencil).  Click the 'Edit Page' button.
    2. The page appearance will change and a word-processor-like toolbar will appear at the top of the page, and the cursor should be in the large lower field.
    3. Type a couple words.
    4. Click the blue  Save  button in the upper right.
  7. The toolbar should go away, and the words you typed should be present on the page.
If you were able to complete this sequence of creating and editing a site, you should be able to use this browser in the workshop.

Note: This quick test isn't a complete guarantee that your browser is fully compatible with Google Sites, but passing the test indicates you'll probably be able to perform most activities in the workshop.  We recommend that you adhere to Google's browser requirements as stated on the Google Apps browser requirements page.