z My Notes

To keep track…


  • print handouts
  • registration page
Bring To Class
  • Laptop, Power Supply & Display Dongle
  • Laser Pointer
  • Water Bottle
  • Presenter Notes
During Event
  • Break people into 3 groups for the breakout rooms - at start of 1st exercise.


  • Copyist
  • Registrar
  • Breakout Leaders (main room + 2 breakout rooms). Need 1-2 per room so 3-6 people including Steve.
  • Scribe


  • My First Site (2 sided for initial exercise)
  • Basic Skills 
  • Intermediate Skills 

Scribe Items

  • Expectations List
  • Parking Lot / Questions for Later

Presentation Sequence

  • Refer to my spreadsheet of pages and time allocation
  • Also I prepared browser bookmark folders containing all the pages for each module so I can pre-open all the pages into tabs

Final 2dos

After the sequence is finalized, 
  • add Next links at the bottom of each page
  • perhaps add some next links in the middle of pages to jump to next headings
Share the site with the production team
Share the prerequisites with attendees (need to decide how)

Revisions before 2nd class

  • revise timeline - shlft advanced topics to a quick overview and go into details at the Drop-in the following day
  • Advanced topics - flesh out a bunch of the TBDs
  • Domain Names - reword and finish this area.
  • SEO & Analytics - rework this - note combined with above - become a set of WWW Integration
  • Permissions - perhaps make a topic page and several subpages
    • basic site permission (for world to see or not)
    • what permissions mean
    • page-level permissions
    • Multiple editors